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Published: 0641 GMT January 04, 2017

US govt. has no plan to fight police brutality against black people: Activist

US govt. has no plan to fight police brutality against black people: Activist

A video has been released showing a police officer slamming to the floor an African-American female student in North Carolina. The officer is seen lifting the schoolgirl into the air and then forcefully throwing her to the ground. The student was later taken away with her hands clasped behind her back. The officer, identified as Ruben de los Santos of the Rolesville Police Department, was placed on paid administrative leave after the footage emerged. Officials say they are investigating the incident. This comes amid widespread outrage against the use of violence and force by US police against the people of color at schools and on the streets. In recent years, US police have been under harsh criticism for brutality against African-Americans.

In an interview with Press TV, Life Malcolm, with Black People's Advancement and Defense Organization, stated that since the US government shows no intention to protect people of color against police brutality, it is wise for them to team up and change the current situation through raising awareness with the help of social networks.

“There is a long history of this [police violence] since we have been here. We have been beaten, choked, hanged, slammed, and killed. There is a long history here," Malcolm said, adding, "I am certain, however, that it will change because what has been done to us since we have been held captive here in the country is now coming to light because of this technology and social media apparatus.” 

He also noted that videos like this will give those, who have been victims of such brutality, the information that they need to move towards more intelligence solutions.

“It would never change if it was up to police and those who use them as forces and perpetrators of violence to protect the status quo. However, those of us who have been the victims realize that we have this common threat of brutalization,” Malcolm urged.

He further cast doubt on the possibility of a drastic improvement in terms of black people's rights during the tenure of the US President-elect Donald Trump.

“President number 45 is not going to protect us any more than 44 [presidents] who preceded him. So, what is going to change is our awareness that since the state won’t protect us or defend us, it is incumbent and intelligent for us to protect and defend ourselves.”

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