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Published: 1019 GMT April 18, 2017

700 medicines made affordable for Indian poor

700 medicines made affordable for Indian poor

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said the central government had fixed prices for 700 medicines for the benefit of the people as part of a comprehensive healthcare policy.

Inaugurating a five-billion-rupee multi-specialty hospital set up by the diamond merchants of Surat, he said the government would make sure that the doctors prescribed only generic medicines, , wrote.

 “This will break the monopoly of big medicine outlets.”

 “For the benefit of poor people, the government has fixed the prices for as many as 700 medicines so as to ensure that they can afford it,” he said.

Modi said his government rightly understood the value of a healthy society and had been working tirelessly towards building one, and after a long gap of 15 years that it was his government that had come up with a good healthcare policy.

He added the government had given much required attention to preventive healthcare measures through the Swachh Bharat mission, which is a part of promoting preventive healthcare habits.

He commended the people of Surat for adopting the habit of cleanliness in such a way that it could provide a good example for other cities to emulate.

Referring to the five-billion-rupee  Kiran Hospital that he inaugurated, Modi said that more than the price paid for setting up such projects, the hard work that went behind it was important.

“Whether the medical facility is worth five billion rupees, it is the family values and diligent efforts that have ultimately anointed it as a blessing for public,” he opined.

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