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Published: 0122 GMT September 21, 2017

American elite not proud of Trump's UN speech

American elite not proud of Trump's UN speech

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei said in a meeting with the members of the Assembly of Experts in Tehran on Thursday that President Trump’s UN speech was not something the Americans take pride in.

Terming Trump’s remarks in the UN General Assembly as unworthy, rude, silly, confused, and totally unrealistic, Ayatollah Khamenei said, 'The remarks were not rooted in power, but rooted in anger, frustration and lunacy; the Americans are annoyed and angry with Iran whose presence in the Western Asia has neutralized years-long plan for the region.'

'These words were not triggered by a sense of power, but by anger, helplessness, and imbecility; because, the US government has become increasingly angry and dissatisfied that plots, they initiated several years ago, in Western Asia were neutralized due to the effective presence of the Islamic Republic of Iran,' he added.

During his speech at the UN General Assembly on Tuesday, Trump accused Iran of engaging in “destabilizing activities” in the region. He claimed that Iran’s “support for terror is in stark contrast to the recent commitments of many of its neighbors to fight terrorism and halt its financing.”

Trump also denounced Iran’s 2015 nuclear agreement with the world powers as “an embarrassment” that Washington may abandon.

However, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, during his own UN speech, fired back at the US president for his “ignorant and spiteful” comments against his nation.

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution stated, 'The speech presented by the American president did not make Americans proud. The educated American elite must feel embarrassed for having such a president; as they have previously expressed feelings of shame.'

Regarding the anger of the American officials, Ayatollah Khamenei mentioned, 'The US government had developed a plot for Western Asia many years ago. They called this plan the 'New Middle East” or “Great Middle East”; three pillars of this plot were Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon; however, the US was defeated in all three of these countries.'

With that historical and ancient background; Syria, as center of resistance; and Lebanon, with its special status under the domination of the US and the Zionist regime.'

But now the realities of the region are the other way round because they could not do anything in Lebanon; they gained exactly the opposite of what they wanted in Iraq; and in Syria, Daesh (ISIS) has come to an end, Takfiri groups like Al-Nusra Front have been isolated despite the countless crimes by the US and its allies as well as massacre of that country's people and massive support for the Takfiri terrorist groups.

The Leader of the Revolution pointed out the failures of the US and its allies in the region, adding, 'However, now the realities of the region have been recorded as they failed to achieve anything, otherwise, in Lebanon--things turned out exactly opposite to what they were seeking; and, in Syria, despite US and their allies' countless crimes and the massacre of many innocent people there, as well as their support of Takfiri terrorist groups, ISIS is coming to an end; furthermore, Takfiri groups like Jubhatul Nusra have been isolated.'

The Leader described Iran's influence as the reason for US failure, he held, 'The presence and influence of Iran's Islamic Republic have led US and Zionist regime's plans and intentions, in our region, to fail, this is why they are angry.'

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