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Published: 0240 GMT January 04, 2018

Riyadh-Washington-Tel Aviv triangle supporting Iran riots

Riyadh-Washington-Tel Aviv triangle supporting Iran riots

Recent protests in Iran that took place because of financial woes deviated from its original path with the enemies' opportunism and turned into riots, which was very sweet to the US and its regional allies, who feasted their eyes and mobilized their capacities to support the riots.

Iran is now in the spot light of the West, the US and its regional allies, like the Zionist regime and the Saudis. 

The peaceful protests that started in Mashad, northwestern Iran, pivoting around 'NO to high prices' changed to a riot and plagued some other parts of the country after some anti-Islamic Revolution elements penetrated them with the call of some nameless Telegram channels. 

Although many of the Iranians authorities, including President Hassan Rouhani recognized the people's 'right to protest' and called for preparing the legal grounds for the people to express their criticism, they draw a line between the peaceful protesters and violent rioters and condemned any riot; they also warned against the negative consequences of such actions. 

The decision-makers in Riyadh, Tel Aviv and Washington put supporting the rioters on their agenda at the very beginning; they sent a wave of supportive messages to the rioters and encouraged them to stick with the riots.

** Interference in foreign countries' affairs

Among the three meddlesome points of the presumptuous triangle, the US was the standard-bearer. The US authorities stuck their nose into the event from the first day of the illegal protests in Mashad that turned violent after some rioters entered the protests. 

Republican Congressman Tom Cotton was the first US authority to support the rioters. With the protests spreading to some other cities, other US authorities took heart to react. US President Donald Trump repeatedly accused Iranian Establishment of corruption and financing terrorism in his Twitter messages. 

Trump wrote the messages, while, according to the innumerable confessions made by the US authorities, it was the US that created and supported Al-Qaeda and Daesh that ignited the fire of war, terrorism and extremism to get their hands on the natural resources of the region and also to secure the Zionist regime that has occupied Palestinian lands and displaced millions of original settler of the country. 

The US Department of State issued two statements and accused Iran of violence and chaos and, like Speaker of the United States House of Representatives Paul Ryan, urged all countries to support the riots.

United States Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley wanted the United Nations Security Council on Tuesday to hold an urgent meeting on Iran that was unanimously rejected.

The US Vice-President Mike Pence was most probably the most outspoken US authority to support the riots. Pence wrote on his Twitter, 'As long as Donald Trump is POTUS and I am VP, the United States of America will not repeat the shameful mistake of our past when others stood by and ignored the heroic resistance of the Iranian people as they fought against their brutal regime.'

These are while the Iranian authorities have condemned the US interference in Iranian domestic affairs; Iranian Minister of Foreign Affairs Mohammad-Javad Zarif wrote in massage that, Trump would be better off seeing to the domestic issues of his own country such as daily killings of dozens of people and the existence of millions of homeless and hungry people instead of wasting his time sending useless and insulting tweets regarding other countries.

President Hassan Rouhani also reacted to Trump's message saying 'Trump is the same person that called Iranians 'a terrorist nation'; one who is anti-Iran from top to toe doesn’t have the right to feel pity for Iranians''.

** Tel Aviv and Riyadh followers of Washington

The Zionist regime's authorities inspected and meddled with the affairs in Iran. According to Times of Israel, the Foreign Ministry of the Zionist regime has sent a secret report to its minister and all its embassies around the world claiming that the protests have weakened Iran and their continuation can lead to instability.

The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wished the rioters luck in his Facebook page; contradictorily, he claims he doesn’t interfere in Iran's internal affairs.

The Saudis are the third point of the meddling triangle. The Saudi Arabia's al-Arabiya spared a lot of its time and news to the events in Iran and tried to attribute the riots to what it called Iran's interfering with the countries of the region, corruption, sectarianism and inefficiency of the Islamic Establishment.

All in all, the move of the US and its allies on the Internet was so much that Secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council Ali Shamkhani called it 'an Internet proxy war against Iran' and stressed that Iran will strongly and properly respond that.

The US, Saudi Arabia and the Zionist regime's meddling continues while President Rouhani had already said that the riots were the result of the three enemies of Iran; and the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei has said, 'In the recent days' evens, enemies of Iran have united to cause trouble for Iran with all the tools at their hands, including money, weapons, politics, and security systems. 

It looks as if the triangle formed by Riyadh, Washington and Tel Aviv last year and repeatedly acted against Iran, its defensive policies, and the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), known as Iran Nuclear Deal, but gained nothing, has one again become active in the recent riots in Iran.

Our experiences shed light at the end of such supports. The alertness of the Islamic Establishment and the people will neutralize all the attempts of the enemies and opportunists.

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