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Published: 1116 GMT January 20, 2018

President, new ambassadors stress on better ties

President, new ambassadors stress on better ties

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Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani held meetings with new ambassadors of Cuba, Cyprus, Ghana, Chile and Poland, during which both sides stressed on expansion of relations.

During his meeting with Cuban Ambassador to Tehran Alexis Bandrich Vega, President Rouhani said Iran is resolved to strengthen its relations with Cuba, especially in the economic sector, expressing his opposition to the sanctions policy targeting independent nations.

Rouhani made the remarks on Saturday while receiving the credentials of Alexis Bandrich Vega.

Rouhani said Iran and Cuba are two revolutionary countries that enjoy very good ties.

The Iranian chief executive also stressed that the capacities should be activated for boosting Tehran-Havana ties in different economic fields, particularly in the science and energy sector.


Sanctions slammed


He further slammed sanctions as an inappropriate and worn-out tool, saying Iran is “opposed to the imposition of oppressive sanctions against independent nations, including Cuba.”

The Cuban ambassador hailed Iran’s effective role in resorting stability and security to the region and the entire world.

He noted that Havana was determined to increase its economic and political relations with Tehran.

Cuba believes that the enhancement of ties with Iran in all areas is the best way to counter unfair sanctions against the two countries at a time when the US is using pressure to impose its own views on the world, he pointed out.

Rouhani also met with the new Ambassador of Cyprus to Tehran, Petros Nacouzis.


Banking ties


The president said, "There are good potentials for deepening ties in various economic fields between the two countries and that promoting banking relations can lay the groundwork for better relations between Tehran and Nicosia".



He also stressed that Tehran wants peace and development in the region and the world, adding, "Iran supports an independent, integrated Cyprus".

The Iranian president also met with the new Ambassador of Chile to Tehran, Ignacio Lianos. 


Cooperation with Latin America


He said expansion of relations and cooperation with Latin American countries, including Chile is very important for Iran.

President Rouhani said promoting ties between private sectors and banking relations is essential for both countries.



"We call for sustainable peace and stability and fighting against terrorism and violence in the world and believe that all countries must work together in this regard," he said.

Rouhani stressed the importance of non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction in the world and said: "Today, arms race in the world and threats against countries around the world have caused concerns for all states and peoples worldwide".

The new ambassador of Chile underlined that "Strengthening global peace and security and promoting international cooperation with the Islamic Republic of Iran, as an important, effective country, is very important for Chile".


Ties with Ghana


In his meeting with the new Ambassador of Ghana to Tehran, Sayuti Yahaya Iddi, President Hassan Rouhani said “the Islamic Republic of Iran is determined to cement its economic, scientific and cultural relations with Ghana as a friend, brother country".



"The Joint Commission of Cooperation of Iran and Ghana must identify the potentials and capacities for developing cooperation and activate the private sectors of the two countries to create a good atmosphere for deepening Tehran-Accra relations," continued the President.

Sayuti Yahaya Iddi appreciated Iran's aids to Ghana, especially in the field of health, saying that "There are ample potentials for expansion of cooperation between the two countries and we always want to promote ties with Iran".


Poland’s important role


The new Polish Ambassador to Tehran Jaroslaw Marcin Domanski also submitted his credentials to President Rouhani.

Rouhani referred to the Poland's position in the European Union and its role as the non-permanent member of United Nations Security Council, and said that "Staying committed to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) can be a very firm base for establishing broader cooperation between Iran and the European Union”.



Rouhani said that "Today, except for a couple of countries, the global community supports the JCPOA and, without a doubt, the US government is making miscalculations and if it withdraws the agreement, it will realize what big political mistake it has made".

Poland always supports the JCPOA and considers it important in regional peace and stability, he said, noting that Poland will make its utmost for JCPOA's sustainability in coming months.





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