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Published: 0842 GMT May 06, 2018

Iraq launches airstrike in Syria against Daesh

Iraq launches airstrike in Syria against Daesh

The Iraqi air force carried out a new strike on a Daesh position inside Syria, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi's office said in a statement on Sunday.

The strike targeted a position used by the commanders of the terror group, south of the town of Deshaisha, the statement said. "The position was completely destroyed," it said, Reuters reported.

The Iraqi air force has already carried out several airstrikes against Daesh in Syria since last year, with the approval of the Syrian government of President Bashar al-Assad.

Abadi last month said he would "take all necessary measures if they threaten the security of Iraq," referring to the terrorists who just three years ago overran a third of Iraq.

The prime minister declared final victory over the terror group in December but it still poses a threat from pockets along the border with Syria and has continued to carry out ambushes, assassinations and bombings across Iraq.

The announcement came days before national elections in Iraq, in which Abadi hopes to secure a second term as prime minister. In his campaign he has frequently highlighted his role in overseeing the defeat of the terror group.



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