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Published: 0838 GMT May 07, 2018

Iran wasting staggering amount of water every year

Iran wasting staggering amount of water every year

A staggering 700 million cubic meters of water are wasted in Iran annually, said the deputy head of Iran's National Water and Wastewater Engineering Company.

The total percentage of water loss in Iran amounts to 25.5, Ali Seyedzadeh told ILNA.

He further said that the average amount of water loss in developed countries stands at 15 percent every year, adding that Iran, based on the Sixth Five-Year Development Plan (2017-22), should cut this amount by modifying consumption patterns.

He estimated that $30 million is needed to tackle this problem.

Some 170,000 unauthorized water wells in Iran have posed a major problem for the authorities who seek to curb the excessive extraction and consumption rates, namely in key agricultural regions.

Despite all warnings, excessive withdrawal of water from aquifers continues in the agriculture sector, which is hardly justified or profitable.

About 92 percent of the country's water resources are used up through unsustainable and wasteful farming practices.

Experts predict that the water scarcity will reach crisis level by 2025, when available renewable water will be less than 1,000 cubic meters per capita, down from 2,000 cubic meters in 1950.

They say if water consumption patterns do not change in the near future, many parts of the country will turn into deserts while entire towns and villages will become uninhabitable.

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