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Published: 1012 GMT September 03, 2018

Platform 101 final tour exhibition in Tehran

Platform 101 final tour exhibition in Tehran

The first tour exhibition, curated by Mohammad-Ali Famori and Reza Famori, called 'Decisive Moment', that has been held in five galleries in Tehran and Isfahan since the beginning of this summer will experience its last performance in Tehran's Ariana Gallery on September 16.

This tour exhibition features 101 works by photographers from over ten countries in black and white small photos.

The tour commemorates Henri Cartier-Bresson (1908-2004), the famous French photographer. He played a fundamental role in the invention and the development of photojournalism, the decisive moment and street photography.

The 101 platform is for sure one of the most innovative events among Iranian exhibitions, which is the first title to tour exhibition in Iran. In its goal, the 101 artists and audience are considered to have equal opportunities and present a collection of artworks in seven volumes in seven galleries.

Famori, the founder and chairman of the platform board in explaining the 'Equal Opportunity', noted that on this tour exhibition, this identity is not only included in the type of presentation, but also in price, and all the photos are auctioned at a basic price of 101,000 tomans (Iran's currency).

Two important points in the event are the existence of a pseudo-auctioned element in the body of an art exhibition, in which each buyer can compete with six others and pay less for buying at a later date, because for every sale the next volume is accompanied by an increase of 50,000 tomans and, secondly, the documentation of the exhibition by seven galleries rather than one, which certainly has a significant impact on the information of the exhibition.

In the entire tour of the exhibition, the platform 101 can be seen as an empty space in the field of visual arts in the country, and it is worth noting that the first step is to lift the platform 101 firmly which is expected to get further on its path; for example, it might be better to place the exhibition of the entire collection of works in several galleries located in a single city, in many cities and even in so many countries.

Platform 101 will continue its activities by making documentary and publishing the works of the exhibition in the form of a book. The first electronic music album released by the platform titled 'Left Behind' by Kamran Mottaqi is available on iTunes, Spotify and Deezer.

The first exhibition opened on July 1 at Rooberoo Mansion and Negar Art Gallery. The second exhibition tour began on July 28 at No.4 Gallery and on August 6, the home of the Master's Museum opened. The exhibition was held on August 19 in the Isfahan Art Gallery, while in Tehran, the Aliyah Gallery hosted the event on August 16.


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