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Published: 0305 GMT November 03, 2018

Obama slams Trump for 'political stunt' of sending troops to border

Obama slams Trump for 'political stunt' of sending troops to border

Former President Barack Obama has decried as a "political stunt" Donald Trump's plan to send thousands of US soldiers to the Mexican border to block migrants from entering the country.

Speaking at a rally for Democratic candidates in Miami on Friday night, Obama criticized Trump without mentioning his name for trying to scare voters about the threat of migrants from Central America.  

"They're telling you the existential threat to America is a bunch of poor refugees a thousand miles away," Obama said of Republicans, referring to the caravan of an estimated 4000 Central American migrants headed towards the United States, Presstv Reported.

The former president also blasted Trump for fomenting racial, social and religious tensions.

"There had been incessant, non-stop attempts to divide us with rhetoric that designed to make us angry and make us fearful... to pit us against another, to try to make us believe that things would be better if it just weren't for those who don't look like us, or don't pray for us, or don't love like us," Obama added.

Obama flew to Miami to campaign for incumbent Democratic Sen.Bill Nelson and Democratic candidate Andrew Gillum. Later on Friday, Obama traveled to Atlanta to boost candidate Stacey Abrams, who is aiming to become the nation's first black female governor. Her Republican opponent is Georgia's secretary of State an ardent supporter of president Trump, Brian Kemp.

The Journal Constitution reported that this year's contest is the most lucratively financed gubernatorial race in the state's history, which each major party candidate raising more that $20 million.

GOP will keep control of the House, Pence claims 

Meanwhile, US Vice President Mike Pence said on Friday he believes Republicans can maintain the control over the Senate and also hold Democrats from taking over the House of Representatives in next week's midterm elections.

"I think we're going to expand our majority in the United State Senate, and I think we're going to hold our Republican majority in the House of Representatives," Pence said.

Trump also was on campaign for Republicans in West Virginia and will campaign in Macron on Sunday. He said Democrats will win by a narrow margin. He expressed optimism about Republicans retaining control of the Senate.

Americans on Tuesday will elect lawmakers for all 435 seats in the House of Representative and 35 seats of the 100 seats in the Senate will be contested. In addition, 39 state and territorial governorship as well as numerous other state and local elections will also be contested. 



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