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Published: 0743 GMT November 17, 2018

Ancient alien discovery: 15th century painting is ‘proof of alien visit’

Ancient alien discovery: 15th century painting is ‘proof of alien visit’
Madonna and Child with the Infant, Saint John the Baptist

A painting dating back to the 15th century could be proof that aliens have been visiting the Earth for some time, conspiracy theorists claim.

The painting, known as Madonna and Child with the Infant, Saint John the Baptist, was created by an unknown artist, but is largely attributed to either Sebastiano Mainardi or Jacopo del Sellaio, reported.

It hangs on the walls of the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence in the Hall of Hercules, and has been causing a stir with UFOlogists for some time.

The round meter-wide painting shows Madonna, a baby Jesus and St. John in the foreground, but it is what is behind them that piqued alien hunters curiosity.

In the top right of the paining, a strange disc-like-object is seen, which has some believing is evidence of aliens.

On the other side, in the top right, an ‘odd creature with tentacles’ can be seen.

For alien hunters, this is evidence that aliens have been visiting for some time.

Website Ancient Aliens says: “The UFO is of the familiar dish or saucer shape with rays radiating from it, implying it is emitting light.

“Also, in the upper left of this painting are strange creatures under the sun. Another close up is offered of these tentacle-like creatures.


Are these also aliens?


However, historians believe they have a more logical explanation to these sightings.

Art website Florence Inferno states: “According to art historians the flying saucer is actually an angel bearing the appearance of a luminous cloud.

“In fact, while the representation of an angel in a non-anthropomorphic manner is rare, the Scriptures, especially the apocryphal Gospels.”

This is not the first time an alien claim has been made about an ancient painting.

Painted on the walls of the Svetitskhoveli Cathedral in Georgia is an 11th century portrait of Christ.

The fresco painting shows Christ being crucified with a large crowd gathering around him, but in the top left and right corners are what appear to be flying crafts or some form of advanced technology which humans clearly would have not have had 2000 years ago.

The ships are dome like, with three trails coming out of each which look like a propellant of some kind.

Art historians who have studied the 11th century painting claim that the strange crafts actually represent guardian angels, however.






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