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Published: 1145 GMT December 22, 2018

Iran says protests Albania’s diplomats expulsion via other channels

Iran says protests Albania’s diplomats expulsion via other channels

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Iran’s Foreign Ministry’s spokesman said on Saturday that since Albania has no embassy or diplomatic office in Tehran, the Foreign Ministry expressed its protest over the expulsion of Iranian diplomats through other channels.

Bahram Qassemi made the remarks in response to a question over Iran’s inaction over the expulsion of two Iranian diplomats from the European country, according to the Foreign Ministry’s official website.

Albania’s Foreign Ministry said on Wednesday that it had expelled the Iranian diplomats suspected of “involvement in activities that harm the country’s security.”

Qassemi said that Iran opened its embassy in Tirana some 30 years ago, but due to severe economic problems Albania couldn’t open an embassy in Tehran.

On Thursday, Qassemi denounced Albania’s move, saying the Balkan country fell prey to a scenario fabricated by the US and Israel, Press TV reported.

Qassemi said that Albania’s move was “in line with previous such scenarios meant to damage Iran-Europe relations at the current sensitive juncture.”

He said the expulsions come while Tehran has “always had appropriate relations with Albania and respected all of its domestic regulations in a move based on principles of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s foreign policy.”

US National Security Adviser John Bolton was quick to publicly support Albania’s decision.

“We stand with PM [Edi] Rama and the Albanian people as they stand up to Iran’s reckless behavior in Europe and across the globe,” he tweeted.

Qassemi said that Washington’s stance on the issue and Albania’s declaration that its move had been coordinated with foreign security services, prove that the US and the regime in Israel had been behind the expulsions.

The Iranian official further called on the Albanian government “to defend its sovereignty, independence and security” in the face of the US-Israeli scenario,” stressing that the country “must not allow others to affect and hamper its relations with Iran due to special political reasons.”




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