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Published: 0258 GMT January 23, 2019

EU data shows UK continue to heavily subsidize fossil fuels

EU data shows UK continue to heavily subsidize fossil fuels

The United Kingdom is still the heaviest subsidizer of fossil fuels in the European Union despite the country’s pledges to fight climate change by giving more support to renewable energies, a new EU has revealed.

The report published on Wednesday by the EU Commission showed that Britain offered more than €12 billion (£10.5 billion) a year in support for fossil fuels until 2016, according to the latest data available.

It said the figure was well above UK subsidies for renewable energies which has been €8.3bn annually until that year, Presstv Reported.

The commission said despite international commitments made by leading economic powers like the UK, subsidies for fossil fuels have not substantially decreased in the EU in general.

“EU and national policies might need to be reinforced to phase out such subsidies,” said the report.

Comparing the subsidies to fossil fuels and renewables in leading EU countries, he report stated that Germany was the top subsidizer of new energies with €27 billion, almost three times the €9.5 billion the country had given to fossil fuels.

Spain and Italy also performed well in preferring renewable energies while UK, France, the Netherlands, Sweden and Ireland were the countries that still supported fossil fuels despite their alignment with international action meant to fight carbon emissions.

A UK government spokeswoman denied the country was deliberately subsidizing fossil fuels, saying London was committed to its international obligations regarding the expansion of renewable energies.

“We’re firmly committed to tackling climate change by using renewables, storage, interconnectors, new nuclear and more to deliver a secure and dynamic energy market at the least possible cost for consumers,” said the spokeswoman.

Britain has already faced criticism over its environmental policy as it has allowed fracking operation in a major site northwest of the country. The operation, which uses high levels of pressure to extract gas, is believed to be highly detrimental to the environment.



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