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Published: 0328 GMT April 01, 2019

FM spox: Tehran attentively monitoring Arab League developments

FM spox: Tehran attentively monitoring Arab League developments

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman stressed that Iran enjoys brotherly and close ties with many of the Arab League members and has common concerns on many issues of the Islamic World, noting that Iran precisely monitors all developments of the Arab League.

In response to the final statement of the Arab League Summit in Tunisia, Bahram Qasemi said Tehran has attentively monitored the recent summit’s developments, adding that Iran together with many of the Arab League member states are living in a sensitive region of the world, share common borders, enjoy brotherly and close ties and have common concerns and interests.

He added that except for leader of some Arab League members who still unfortunately inconclusively insisted on their unconstructive and false hostility against Iran and raised baseless allegations against the country, Tehran evaluate as positive the atmosphere of the recent summit compared with its previous meetings, IRNA reported.

This is due to the wise and constructive hosting and management of the Tunisian officials, Qasemi reiterated.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Qasemi rejected and slammed false and baseless allegations as regard Iran’s intervention in internal affairs of Arab countries and also claims made over trio Iranian islands.

He stressed the fact that Iran’s principled and impeccable policy is not to intervene in internal affairs of the neighboring countries.

Elaborating on the Iranian islands, Qasemi emphasized that these islands are inalienable part of Iran’s sovereignty.

Earlier, Qasemi stated no one can ever doubt Iran's sovereignty right over trio islands in the Persian Gulf.

He noted that repetition of these allegations will have no effect on the legal condition of Iran belonging.

He described as positive and promising the Arab League support of Syria territorial integrity as regard occupied Golan Heights, adding that it is not sufficient against excessive ambitions of the US and the Zionist regime of Israel.

Trump tweeted earlier that after 52 years it is time for the United States to fully recognize Israel's Sovereignty over the Golan Heights.

Tehran believes that the Islamic World should consider occupation of Arab-Islamic territories by illegitimate regime of Israel as priority.

Qasemi urged the Islamic World to follow up reinforcing unity and not to let ill-wishers’ conspiracies to damage Islamic countries’ unity and common purposes and to distract them toward other issues.

The Islamic Republic of Iran deeply believes that regional countries are on the same boat against conspiracies and crimes of the Zionist regime of Israel and should preserve their awareness and unity to confront these conspiracies, he added.


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