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Published: 1223 GMT November 18, 2019

Europe should come out of limbo

Europe should come out of limbo
European Union flags fly outside the European Commission headquarters in Brussels, Belgium, on March 6, 2019.

By Hossein Ziaee*

Europe’s apparent relative lack of independence in voting on major issues and growing weakness in international arenas is pushing the global system more than ever towards chaos and unrest.

This come as most world powers are currently outlining a clear path for their future roles and positions within the new international system. Europe’s dual nature and political behavior, which is sometimes independent of US strategies and sometimes in accord with them, are plaguing the international community.

In fact, Europe has turned into a neutral and grey player in the world. For instance, while it seeks to promote multilateralism and establish best relations with newly emerging powers such as Iran, China and Russia, on the one hand, it is simultaneously standing by the White House in violating the JCPOA, stirring up unrest in Hong Kong, and imposing sanctions against Russia through adopting passive stances.

Elaborating on Europe’s situation in an address to the German media on Saturday, the country’s Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said, “Power is shifting away from Europe, authoritarian models are on the rise, the United States is increasingly looking inward.”

This comes as in her recent dispute with French President Emanuel Macron over NATO’s existence and the strategic importance of the US for Europe, German chancellor Angela Merkel announced that Europe cannot defend itself without US assistance.

That is why, pointing to the increasing differences between the US and Europe in the recent G7 summit in France, Macron described the West’s power as waning.

At present, among the most important reasons for the growing US recklessness in adopting destructive unilateral policies against the international system and treaties are the obvious and significant financial and military weakness of Europe and the EU’s passiveness.

Europe is still struggling with and suffering from a weakness and inefficiency and has failed to present itself as a credible world power despite the establishment of the EU to maintain its global potentials.

At present, Europe is presenting a disappointing image of itself due to its failure to build up a European army, conclude a long-lasting treaty with Moscow, the regrowth of right-wing extremism, the risk of EU facing dissolution and the increasing weakness of the euro in the face of the dollar’s growing global dominance.

At the time being, the international community and proponents of multilateralism, such as Iran, China and Russia, are more than ever, demanding Europe to pull itself out of limbo, stop its dual political behavior and move transparently toward independence from the White House.

No doubt, Europe’s delay in changing its course of action will lead to the unfolding of unfavorable developments on the international scene.

*Hossein Ziaee is an Iranian freelance journalist.



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