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Published: 1232 GMT January 12, 2020

IPA: Iran’s annual pistachio export revenues to hit $2b

IPA: Iran’s annual pistachio export revenues to hit $2b

The revenues of annual pistachio exports are expected to near $2 billion, said a member of Iran Pistachio Association (IPA) in an exclusive interview with Iran Daily.

Mansour Abbasian made the prediction in view of the trend reflected by pistachio exports since the beginning of Iranian calendar year – March 2019.

Abbasian said during October 2018-October 2019 (Iran’s agricultural year), the country’s pistachio production amounted to 220,000 tons, indicating a fourfold growth year-on-year, adding the figure stood at up to 60,000 tons in the preceding 12-month period.

On the reasons for the output growth, he noted, “The year has been an on year. However, its preceding one was an off year as severe cold had caused pistachio trees in Iran to freeze and, thus, produce lower yield.”

He said since March 2019, dried pistachio price in Iran has declined, standing at $23.8 per kilogram in the domestic market.

“In the 12-month time span to March 2019, each kilogram of dried pistachio was sold at $33.33 in the domestic market. The product is priced at up $10 in foreign markets.”

He listed as major customers of Iranian pistachio, the Persian Gulf littoral states, European countries – like Germany – as well as India and China.

Abbasian described the central province of Semnan as one of the main pistachio production hubs in Iran and the world, noting that its pistachio enjoys international reputation for its high quality and wide diversity.

He put at 20,000 hectares the area under pistachio cultivation in Semnan, adding the province’s annual production of the crop stands at 50,000 tons, of which 45,000 tons are harvested from gardens in Damghan, central Semnan.

“Annually, above 50 percent of Semnan’s total pistachio output is sold and consumed in raw form, as the crop is harvested sooner in the province compared to when it is reaped in other Iranian regions. In addition, due to its short distance with the capital, Tehran, the province’s raw pistachios are sold there at a faster pace compared to those of the other Iranian cities.”

Abbasian noted that in Iran, pistachio gardens are found all over the country except in cold areas, listing Kerman (central Iran), Yazd (central Iran) and Qazvin (northwestern Iran) as some of the provinces home to such orchards.

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