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Published: 0558 GMT March 29, 2020

Young cartoonist says about the mission of art in days of Coronavirus

Young cartoonist says about the mission of art in days of Coronavirus

Amir Reza Torkaman-Rahmani, the participant at the international festival of ‘We Will Defeat Coronavirus,’ talks about the reasons for his presence in the event.

Iranian young cartoonist Torkaman-Rahmani has been awarded at international festivals in Brazil, Romania, Italy, etc. In addition to domestic exhibitions, he has exhibited his works in Serbia, Japan, Indonesia, Slovakia, Croatia and Brazil.

The artist's latest work is a design about countering Coronavirus, which has also been accepted in the Young Journalists Club’s ‘We Will Defeat Coronavirus” international festival.

Elaborating about his goal for creating this artwork, Torkaman-Rahmani says with the art of cartoon, we can induce hope for countering this virus in the society.

He added that we should always remember that physicians, nurses and medical staff have performed miraculous tasks, and we are obliged to do our share by staying at home to help protect their lives.

The young cartoonist stated, “I am sure the services of the medical staff cannot be compensated, but we can appreciate their hard work. One of the features of cartoon art is that in any situation, it can help the mood of the community and help resolve problems.

He further stated, “I believe that by creating optimistic artwork, joy can be induced in the society and have a positive role in removing mental and emotional concerns.

Torkaman-Rahmani says undoubtedly the ‘We Will Defeat Coronavirus’ festival will be a great help to the society, physicians and the medical staff; and I would like to contribute to this.

He concluded by saying, “Finally, I would like to thank Mr. Tabatabai, secretary of this festival .



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