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Published: 1235 GMT April 04, 2020

US troops in Iraq to be treated as ‘occupiers’: Statement

US troops in Iraq to be treated as ‘occupiers’: Statement

Eight groups of Iraqi Resistance Movement in a joint statement on Saturday said that US military forces in Iraq are considered as ‘occupier’ and announced that they would turn Iraq into hell for occupiers.

In a joint statement issued by Asa’ib Ahl al-Haq Movement, Al-Awfiya, Kata’ib Jund al-Imam Movement, Al-Nujaba Resistance Movement, Sayyed al-Shohada, Imam Ali, Ashura and Al-Khorasani battalions, three messages have been sent by the resistance groups, the first of which is related to the presence of US military forces in Iraq that they [US forces] will be treated with the language of force and the operations that have taken place are nothing but a simple response, Mehr News Agency reported.

The second message of the eight groups of Iraqi Resistance Movement is addressed to the political groups in which they have stated their opposition to Iraqi Prime Minister-designate Adnan al-Zurufi and considered him as an American candidate.

The third message of these groups is addressed to the Iraqi people that these groups have emphasized their strong presence for countering any crisis such as new enemy i.e. coronavirus global pandemic and that these groups are ready to defend and sacrifice their lives.


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