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Published: 0207 GMT April 22, 2020

Rouhani: Iran will fare better than others after oil price drop

Rouhani: Iran will fare better than others after oil price drop

Iran will not suffer as much as other countries from the oil price drop because it is less reliant than others on crude exports, President Hassan Rouhani said on Wednesday.

"We will be less harmed than other countries by the oil price decrease because our economy is less dependent on oil exports," Rouhani told a cabinet session in Tehran broadcast live on TV.

Oil prices slumped again on Wednesday, with Brent falling to the lowest since 1999, as the market struggled with a massive crude glut amid a collapse in demand for everything from gasoline to jet fuel caused by the coronavirus outbreak.

All oil-rich countries, including Iran, suffer when these conditions arise, but the losses of some are very high, and our losses are a little less, but we do not benefit either,” Rouhani said.

He said Iran’s economic situation is calmer” than the rest of the world.

The United States exited in 2018 Tehran's nuclear deal with six powers and reimposed sanctions that have strangled Iran's oil trade, slashing the OPEC members crude exports by more than 80%.


US in disarray

Rouhani also said US President Donald Trumps support for street protests against virus-related restrictions introduced by legal state governors shows America is in a complete shambles,” noting that the chaotic situation there should serve as a salutary lesson” for Iran.

You witness today that in the US, the president invites people to anarchy,” Rouhani said.

The Iranian president said it was rare in history” for a chief executive to resort to such attitude, and adopt a heinous” stance against his countrys legal governors.

Protests have erupted across many US states against the restrictions put in place by governors to help stop further spread of the new coronavirus. The novel virus that can cause a potentially fatal infection has taken its biggest toll in the world on the United States by killing more than 45,340 Americans.

On Friday, however, Trump posted highly incendiary tweets in favor of unrest against social distancing and other lockdown measures in various states. LIBERATE MINNESOTA!” he tweeted, followed quickly by a call to LIBERATE MICHIGAN!”

Also on Friday, the US president defended the protesters defying the federal restrictions by saying that he felt some state orders were too tough.” A day earlier, he had reportedly told Democratic governors in Minnesota, Michigan, and Virginia that they would determine when to lift the distancing guidelines in their respective states.

Rouhani said, It is essentially obvious that this country (the US) is in a complete shambles. They do not know how to address the issues of medical treatment and unemployment.”

There was a day when they would consider themselves to be in charge of everything in the world. Now, they are among the worlds desperate countries,” he added.

We should learn a salutary lesson from them,” the Iranian president noted, advising strongly in favor of unity and integrity among members of the Iranian nation amid the coronavirus outbreak and its associated problems.

Reuters and Press TV contributed to this story.




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