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Published: 0247 GMT June 14, 2020

Police arrest more than 400 undocumented migrants in Yazd

Police arrest more than 400 undocumented migrants in Yazd

Commander of police in central province of Yazd said his forces have arrested 428 undocumented migrants from Friday to Sunday.

Brigadier General Abbas-Ali Behdanifard said the migrants, hiding in three different locations in the city, had entered Iran through eastern borders, according to IRNA. 

He noted that the undocumented migrants planned to leave for Iran’s central provinces.

Over the past month, police have arrested more than 560 foreign nationals without documents in Yazd, he added.

Yazd Province, which has located between eastern and western provinces, has been used by human traffickers and drug smugglers for years.

The arrests in the province came days after a deadly incident in the city, in which several Afghan nationals, who had illegally entered Iran, lost their lives.

Following the incident, a small group of certain political groups with a record of opposition to the Islamic Republic of Iran took advantage of the incident to spearhead offensive moves against Iranian diplomatic missions in Afghanistan. 

On Saturday, Iran’s Foreign Ministry summoned Afghanistan’s Ambassador Abdolghafur Lival to Tehran over the recent offensive moves against the country’s diplomatic missions.

The Director General of West Asia of the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Rasoul Mousavi expressed concern about the impact of the wrong measures by that small group on the neighborly relations between Iran and Afghanistan.

Iran and Afghanistan share more than 750 kilometers of border. About three million Afghans – a mix of refugees and illegal migrants – live in Iran, a large number of them having arrived after their country plunged into conflict in the 1980s.

Young Afghans constantly flow across the border to seek work, many of them smuggled through dangerous deserts, often traveling for a week at a time, packed into the back of pick-up trucks.

The incident in Yazd followed a deadly border incident last month, in which several Afghan migrants died.

A number of Afghan media outlets alleged on May 1 that more than 40 illegal migrants had been arrested by Iranian border guards and thrown into Harirud River, which resulted in the deaths of Afghan migrants trying to cross into Iran illegally.

Iran’s Foreign Ministry in a statement said later that the incident had taken place on Afghan soil. Iranian police border guards also strongly denied the allegations about the arrest of illegal Afghan migrants by its forces.




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