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Published: 0229 GMT June 21, 2020

Iran’s Parliament: IAEA resolution proof of ‘structural discrimination’

Iran’s Parliament: IAEA resolution proof of ‘structural discrimination’

Iranian lawmakers on Sunday denounced a resolution the International Atomic Energy Agency's Board of Governors passed Friday, saying the document is another indication of "structural discrimination" within the UN atomic watchdog.

In a statement, 240 MPs argued that the IAEA resolution – introduced by France, Germany, and Britain – the three European signatories to a 2015 nuclear deal (JCPOA) with Iran – explicitly demonstrated the trio's "excessive demands."

The Islamic Republic has voluntarily implemented the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and allowed the IAEA to conduct the most rigorous inspections of its nuclear sites in the history of the Vienna-based agency, read the statement, Press TV reported.

The lawmakers further complained about the “hypocrisy” of the European trio, saying they devised "the illegal anti-Iran resolution" contrary to their claims to remain committed to the Iran deal and to make efforts to salvage the deal.

The MPs warned that the IAEA resolution clearly indicates that the three European states "have once again fallen into the trap of the United States and the Zionist regime, and joined forces with them in the failed US project of exerting maximum pressure against Iran, hence dealing another blow to international multilateralism."

Passed by a 25-2 margin with seven abstentions, the IAEA resolution called on Iran to "fully cooperate" with the IAEA and "satisfy the agency's requests without any further delay," including by providing "prompt" access to two nuclear sites. 

Tehran has rejected allegations of non-cooperation with the IAEA and voiced its preparedness to resolve potentially outstanding differences with the agency.

"Iran's Parliament strongly condemns the IAEA Board of Governors' resolution, which was adopted against Iran's national interests based on a proposal by three European countries, Britain, France, and Germany, under pressure from the US regime and the fake Zionist regime on June 19, 2020," the statement read, adding that the resolution was "another sign of structural discrimination within the IAEA."

The lawmakers also expressed their gratitude to China and Russia for voicing their opposition to the biased resolution, which they called "an obvious attempt at political extortion."   

"In addition to expressing gratitude to the states that did not support the move, Parliament considers the nonbinding resolution another sign of the culture dominating the IAEA, which allows nuclear-armed member states not honoring their own NPT commitments to block other states' access to peaceful nuclear technology."

The deputies also called for a halt to the implementation of the Additional Protocol considering the failure of other JCPOA parties to live up to their commitments.

“The European pressure policy to, what they call, preserve the JCPOA shows the three European countries have not pursued a constructive approach… and have had the idea that the JCPOA is a tool to pressure Iran into submitting to their unjustified demands,” they said.

“The Parliament is asking the respectful government to stop the voluntary implementation of the Additional Protocol and make supervisions offline,” read the statement.



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