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Published: 0951 GMT July 04, 2020

Bird plucks ‘shark’ out of ocean and flies around with it

Bird plucks ‘shark’ out of ocean and flies around with it

An incredible footage showed a giant bird soaring over a beach with a giant fish in its talons.

Its prey can be seen wriggling around as it tries to escape its clutches while stunned onlookers tried to work out what is flying past them, reported.

The video shot at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, was shared on the Tracking Sharks Twitter account, but fierce debate has been sparked online over what exactly the sea creature was.

Social media users suggested it could have been a dogfish — a small species of shark — while others insisted it was a tuna, ladyfish or bluefish. Some said the shape of its tail made them think it was a mackerel.

Some people thought the bird could have been an osprey, a fish eating species sometimes referred to as a sea hawk, river hawk or fish hawk.

Others said it could have been a condor or an eagle and some joked that it looked more like a pterodactyl.

One said: ‘Definitely an osprey — it takes a lot of power to lift up some of the large fish out of the water the way they do — amazing birds.’

The video was taken by Ashley White, from Tennessee, from the 17th floor of an apartment building where he was staying on holiday on June 22.

Chief meteorologist with local media outlet WPDE shared White’s footage to his Facebook page. He argued the bird was an osprey which had caught a ‘large Spanish mackerel’.

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