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Published: 0204 GMT July 24, 2020

Iraq to soon begin construction work on railway link to Iran: Iraqi official

Iraq to soon begin construction work on railway link to Iran: Iraqi official

A senior Iraqi official said that work for a key rail link connecting the country to the neighboring Iran will begin in the very near future.

The railway between Iran and Iraq through the Shalamcheh link will get going soon,” said Qasim al-Araji, a national security adviser to the Iraqi government, in a tweet posted on Thursday, reported Press TV.

The announcement comes just days after a high-ranking Iraqi delegation traveled to Iran to discuss key issues with officials in Tehran.

The announcement by Araji, a former interior minister of Iraq, could be a sign that Iran and Iraq have reached fresh arrangements on how they can finish a project that that has stalled on the Iraqi side of the border for almost eight years.

Irans Mostazafan Foundation, a semi-governmental charity with years of experience in construction activities, is responsible for funding and execution of the entire project in Iran and Iraq.

Iran has finished its side of the railway, a 17-kilometer link between the cities of Khorramshahr and Shalamcheh. However, the Mostazafan Foundation plans for continuing the project into Iraq hit a snag in 2014 when the Arab country became involved in an extensive war on terror.

The $150-million project, which spans 47 kilometers through the two territories to reach the Iraqi city of Basra, has also faced issues like mine clearance inside Iraq. 

Once finished, the railway could have major economic and geopolitical implications for Iraq.

It will serve as a major link on Iraqs transit access through Iran to landlocked countries as of Central Asia and further to India and East Asia.

China also views the link as a major component of its New Silk Road scheme which runs through various territories to reach gateways of Europe, including through Iran, Iraq and Syria to the Mediterranean.


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