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Published: 0354 GMT September 17, 2020

US only seeking to destroy Iranians lives; economy, UN court told

US only seeking to destroy Iranians lives; economy, UN court told

Iran’s legal advisor in the country’s ongoing complaint to the United Nations’ top court over US sanctions warns the tribunal about Washington’s exclusively destructive ambitions towards Tehran.

"All that matters now for the US administration is whether its measures are succeeding in destroying the Iranian economy and ruining the lives of millions of Iranians," Hamid-Reza Oloumi-Yazdi told the International Court of Justice (ICJ) on Wednesday.

Iran lodged a complaint against the US with the International Court of Justice last year for violating the 1955 Amity Treaty between Tehran and Washington by the US. The court issued an interim injunction in favor of Iran, which marked an important achievement for Tehran at the outset.

The ICJ is now hosting another stage of the case. This stage will be held in four sessions. The first session was held on Monday while the third and fourth sessions will be held next Friday and Monday.

Suing the US, Iran argued that Washington had flouted a 1955 Treaty of Amity with Tehran by reinstating the sanctions. Washington responded by quitting the treaty.

On Monday, the court heard the US’s counterargument that the tribunal did not have jurisdiction over the case and that the sanctions had nothing to do with the amity agreement.

Speaking before the lawyers representing Iran to reject the US allegations, Oloumi-Yazdi, however, asserted that the US’s counterarguments were “meritless” and hoped that the tribunal would be able to resist Washington’s pressure.

“Iran is confident that the court will not allow itself to be distracted by the United States’ meritless and irrelevant argument,” he said.

“The court has a new and crucial opportunity to stand alongside the international law and the international community against unilateralism and the continuous disregard for the rule of law by the US administration,” he added.

After taking up the case, the ICJ ordered the US to provisionally lift its sanctions on food, medicine, medical equipment, agricultural goods, and airplane parts and services until the tribunal issued its final verdict.

Washington claims that it has exempted crucial items such as food and medicine from the draconian bans, something that Tehran strongly refutes.

A final verdict by the ICJ on the case could take years.


IRNA and Press TV contributed to this story.

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