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Published: 0349 GMT September 21, 2020

MP: Arab youths will soon respond appropriately to treacherous normalization deals

MP: Arab youths will soon respond appropriately to treacherous normalization deals

By Sadeq Dehqan & Farzam Vanaki

Arab youths will soon give an appropriate response to their governments’ treacherous move to normalize ties with Israel, said an Iranian MP.

Censuring the agreements signed between Israel and the two Arab states, the UAE and Bahrain, in a bid to normalize relations, Mohammad-Javad Askari, in an exclusive interview with Iran Daily, added that one day, the Arab states’ people will understand the extent of these treacheries as, in the past, they realized that they had been betrayed several times in similar ways.

On September 15, Bahrain and the UAE signed official agreements at the White House enabling full normalization of their relations with Israel. The deals had been announced by US President Donald Trump earlier, in September and August.

The deals were signed between the Emirati and Bahraini foreign ministers, Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan and Abdullatif bin Rashid Al Zayani, and Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Trump penned his blessing into the accords.

Askari regretted it is not the first time that some Arab states have made such a mistake, noting that they made a similar blunder by signing the Camp David Accords in 1978.

Mediated by then US president, Jimmy Carter, the Camp David Accords were a pair of political agreements signed between Egypt and Israel in 1978, following twelve days of secret negotiations at Camp David. It was the first peace agreement between the warring sides of the Arab-Israeli conflict. By signing the accords, Egypt became the first Arab state, among those involved in the conflict, to make peace with Israel and recognize it.

Following the signing of the accords, Arab youths understood how terrible their governments’ mistake was and reacted to it accordingly, the MP said.

He added the Islamic Republic of Iran has never backed down from its efforts to protect and restore the rights of the Palestinian people, stressing that Iran will give a decisive and crushing response to any move in the region against its interests by those involved in the normalization deals.

Describing the deals as treacherous, Askari added, “They [Bahrain and the UAE] know that they are working toward safeguarding the interests of the US and the hegemonic system. We advise them to refrain from being the puppets of the global arrogance and Israel.”

Warning the US and its allies against the consequences of any move against Iran, he said the Islamic Republic will react decisively to any aggressive movements in the territories under its dominance and the Persian Gulf.

He urged the country’s diplomatic apparatus to play a decisive role in giving crushing responses to hostile movements in the region against the Islamic Republic.‌

The MP said some Arab states have been betraying, for the past 70 years, the aspirations of the Palestinian people and have refrained from accompanying Palestine in its path to safeguarding its rights.

“It will be a wise move if these countries move toward fostering unity and solidarity with the Muslim Ummah and fighting the hegemonic system and help Palestinians gain their rights, as there definitely comes a day when all of these states will repent their moves.”

Askari said, thanks to his insight and profound understanding of different issues, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei provided some recommendations to the Arabs states, giving the assurance that if they fail to accept them, they will sustain losses in the near future.

He called on these countries to decide, as soon as possible, whether they want to be part of the Muslim Ummah.

Commenting on Iran’s situation in the region, Askari said, at present, the Islamic Republic is a major regional power and the modern center of the Muslim world.

He added, no doubt, these countries have entered into an agreement with Israel in fear of Iran’s regional power and in line with the deals they have with the Zionist regime behind the scenes.

The lawmaker said their agreement with Israel was a mistake, adding that they think they are safeguarding their own interests, whereas their negotiations and cooperation with Israel will not only fail to serve their interests, but deal them heavy blows.

“This agreement will only promote Israel’s interests. Thus, Muslim countries must be cognizant.”

On the possibility of the establishment of relations between Saudi Arabia and Israel, Askari said Saudi Arabia is among the global arrogance’s puppets in the region and will refrain from accompanying Iran in assisting Palestinians due to its doctrinal differences with the Islamic Republic.




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