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Published: 0423 GMT October 04, 2020

Iran’s response to US maximum pressure is maximum resistance: Envoy

Iran’s response to US maximum pressure is maximum resistance: Envoy

Iran’s Ambassador to Islamabad Seyyed Mohammad-Ali Hosseini said the Iranian people’s response to the US “maximum pressure” is maximum strategic resistance.

Recalling the inhumane crimes of the Trump administration and the US economic terrorism against the Iranian nation, especially during the coronavirus pandemic, Hosseini said the response of the Iranian people to the “maximum pressure” of the United States is maximum strategic resistance, according to IRNA.

In an interview with Pakistan's daily 'Jinnah', Hosseini said that the US regime is currently launching severe economic terrorism against the Iranian nation that has been never witnessed in the history against any nation.

"At a time when the Iranian nation has been severely suffering from the coronavirus outbreak, the United States has also intensified its inhumane sanctions and even preventing the import of basic goods and food as well as medicine and medical equipment for the treatment of patients and children. The US led by Trump regime, has committed a crime against humanity today," the Iranian ambassador said.

Hosseini added that this strategy has isolated America in the world and shown the hidden and ugly face of this regime to the world.

The Iranian envoy said that Tehran and Islamabad are cooperating closely in various bilateral, regional, and international fields.

"We are two neighboring countries with many cultural, religious, historical, and linguistic commonalities. We have common and close views on regional and international issues" he said.

“Currently we have joint cooperation in economic, trade, political, cultural, military, and security areas and a number of joint committees have been formed and are active in the mentioned areas,” he said.

He noted the volume of trade between the two countries has been close to $ 1.5 billion, however, it has been decreased due to the coronavirus pandemic in the past few months.

"The capacity for joint trade cooperation between the two countries is much higher than that figure, however, obstacles and problems created by some malicious and corrupt countries such as the US regime has slowed down the progress of cooperation," he viewed.

Hosseini said the imposition of oppressive, unilateral, and illegal sanctions by the US government is a clear example of the machinations that affect the interests of the two Muslim and neighboring nations of Iran and Pakistan to some extent.

“Of course, the determination of the officials of the two neighboring countries will surely overcome any type of obstacle,” he noted.




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