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Published: 0216 GMT October 30, 2020

Iran can nullify US economic pressure by using various currencies: Military commander

Iran can nullify US economic pressure by using various currencies: Military commander

A high-ranking military commander said Iran can overcome the economic pressures of the United States by distancing itself from the dollar system.

Brigadier General Gholamreza Jalali, who chairs Iran’s Passive Defense Organization, said that Iran should adopt measures to reduce its vulnerability to any exclusion from the US-led dollar system in the future, Press TV reported.

“The dollar is the main strength of the US, and we should determine our position on the dollar,” Jalai said.

He suggested that using local currencies for mutual trade with other countries should remain an option for Iran even under normal circumstances when it uses the dollar for international exchanges.

Jalali said Iran should also diversify its reserves of hard currencies to become less vulnerable to US bans.

The comments come amid speculations that Iran could find a respite from sweeping American sanctions after the upcoming presidential elections in the US where incumbent Donald Trump is believed to have a low chance of reelection.

Iranian authorities have repeatedly said that they are not betting on the outcome of the November 3 election in the US, while insisting that the future of the country’s economy would not depend on who occupies the White House.

Jalali said that economic sanctions and cyberattacks are the sole US options to pressure Iran, adding that Washington is no longer capable of threatening Iran militarily as it could trigger a harsh response from the Iranians.

“Through continued resistance, America’s economic war against Iran would lose its purpose and vulnerabilities will reduce,” he said.


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