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Published: 0305 GMT November 10, 2020

Iran urges new US gov’t to avoid unilateralism

Iran urges new US gov’t to avoid unilateralism

Iran on Tuesday urged the next US administration to respect international law and avoid unilateralism, saying “the era of bullying” is over.

The era of bullying and unilateralism came to an end,” Iranian government spokesman Ali Rabiei said at a briefing in Tehran days after US Prescient Donald lost the Nov. 3 election to his Democratic rival Joe Biden.

Rabiei said global issues need further enhancement of international cooperation and respect for international law and nationsrights”.

He expressed hoped that US leaders will correct their approach toward Iran and have learned lessons from the past four years.

They must have realized that the language of force and pressure doesnt work with regards to Iran, and they saw that Iran did not give in; rather, it stood more firmly to defend its dignity, independence and rights,” Rabiei said.

Trump pulled the US of the 2015 Iran nuclear deal with world powers and imposed tough sanctions in an effort to force Iran to strike a new agreement that addresses its missile program and its regional activities.

Iran refused to renegotiate the nuclear accord and made it clear that its defense power is not up for discussion.  

Rabiei noted that it is only the language of peace, respect and dignity” that works in dealing with Iran and all independent nations across the world.

We hope the next US administration will stop continuing its past mistakes and try to compensate for them,” he said.

He said the first step by the US to put right its mistakes could be its return to the nuclear deal and living up to all its commitments under the deal unconditionally.

 “We know that Mr. Biden has promised to return to multilateral agreements… The world is waiting to see how the US government will end a major instance of law-breaking whose price the Iranian nation paid with its possessions and lives at a time of the coronavirus pandemic,” he said.

The costs imposed on the Iranian nation must be compensated,” the spokesman stressed.

IFP contributed to this story.


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