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Published: 0733 GMT November 16, 2020

Chinese reforestation to cut global COS

Chinese reforestation to cut global COS
Two decades of reforestation has transformed the bare mountains in Yan'an's Fengzhuang Village into a lush treescape.

Barely a day passes without the global anxiety of climate change rearing its ugly head. Manmade carbon emissions from fossil fuels are now so significant that scientists claim we have entered a new and vastly different geological time period, the anthropocene.

Curbing the growth of this chiefly relies upon reducing CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. With its booming economy and unprecedented rate of growth, China has taken active steps toward taking responsibility for this threat that affects the international community, reported.

China's proactive policy of tree-planting has been recognized globally as playing a significant role in reducing global warming. The country's land biosphere has huge potential for what are known as carbon land sinks, where trees can take in and store CO2. A recent study in the journal Nature suggested that currently, China's greenery is responsible for taking in 45 percent of the country's carbon emissions annually.

The country has made a strong commitment to move to complete carbon pollution neutrality by 2060, a move that would help drastically reduce the rate at which the planet's temperature is rising. Professor Yi Liu from the Institute of Atmospheric Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences said in a statement: "Achieving China's net-zero target by 2060, recently announced by President Xi Jinping, will involve a massive change in energy production and also the growth of sustainable land carbon sinks. "

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