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Published: 0825 GMT November 20, 2020

Catatonic bearded dragon found under NY woman's garbage can

Catatonic bearded dragon found under NY woman's garbage can
Police in Nassau County, NY, US, responded to a woman's home when she found an exotic bearded dragon lizard under her garbage can.

A Long Island woman made an unusual discovery under her garbage can, one so alarming she called 911 to report the find to police.

Nassau County officers responding to the woman's call for help found a lizard, a bearded dragon that happened to be catatonic, under the outdoor trash can in the area of New Hyde Park's Lake Drive, according to

Officers put the lizard in a container and brought it to their patrol car for warmth. A short time later, it started to move.

Cops tried to find the owner, but couldn’t — so contacted an approved wildlife rehabilitator who agreed to take possession of the reptile. Police said it appeared to be in good condition and well fed.

Anyone with information on the lizard's owner is asked to call police at 516-573-6300.

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