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Published: 0414 GMT November 20, 2020

MP: Iran must enhance economic ties with friendly, neighboring states

MP: Iran must enhance economic ties with friendly, neighboring states

By Sadeq Dehqan & Farzam Vanaki

Iran is required to expand economic cooperation with friendly and neighboring countries, said an MP.

Part of the country’s present problems stem from issues beyond its borders, added Abbas Moqtadaei, the deputy chairman of the Iranian Parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Committee, in an exclusive interview with Iran Daily.

Elaborating on Iran’s economic problems, Moqtadaei added, "Our expert ‎studies show that a significant part of the obstacles and problems have been caused ‎by issues inside the country."‎

Although the US President Donald Trump’s administration imposed the largest number of sanctions on Iran, Washington’s policy of “maximum pressure” failed to produce the desired result in practice, he stressed.

In May 2018, Trump, having signed an executive order, pulled the US out of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), signed between Iran and the P5+1 in July 2015, and reimposed Washington’s unilateral sanctions on Tehran. Mainly targeting Iran’s oil and banking sectors, the sanctions were imposed in a bid to cripple the Iranian economy, a plot which was foiled thanks to Iranian people’s resistance.

The lawmaker said although the severe sanctions posed obstacles to Iran, the Islamic Republic managed to overcome them and win the “battle of wills”.

Trump has always been critical of the JCPOA even prior to his entry into the White House in 2016, describing the agreement as “the worst deal ever”. He launched his “maximum pressure” campaign in 2018 to bring Iran back to the negotiations table.

With the end of his tenure approaching, Trump intensified the pressure on Iran. However, on November 3, the US presidential election was held, and his Democratic rival Joe Biden notched up victory. Finding his administration’s goals unattained and being embarrassed by the result of the election, which was an abject failure of his domestic and foreign policies, Trump, has not yet conceded to Biden, preventing a smooth transition. He claims that the election was “rigged”, which has resulted in rallies by his supporters. Trump’s campaign has filed a flurry of lawsuits in battleground states, although election officials in both parties have said they see no evidence of serious irregularities.

Moqtadaei said the policies of the Islamic Republic of Iran are based on a logic that has never changed: While Iran does not accept and bow to hegemonic policies, it will not invade any country.

He added however, Iran has always placed providing the highest level of protection for the country's borders and national interests on its agenda.

The lawmaker stressed that Trump's efforts to put Iran under intense economic pressure did not produce any favorable result, which shows that the Islamic Republic has a considerable power.

Any country that fails to recognize Iran’s power will definitely suffer losses, he said.

Thus, Moqtadaei added, the arrival or departure of a US president does not play a significant role in the formulation of Iran’s policies.

“In fact, the Islamic Republic’s decisions and interests are the factors that impact US domestic policies."

He added at present, the Islamic Republic of Iran plays a prominent role in the field of cultural diplomacy in the world as an inspiring country.

"I believe that if Iran insists on its principle positions, it will, as has been the case so far, achieve victory in the battle of wills."

Referring to Washington’s weakening position in the international arena, Moqtadaei noted that the US has been degraded from a superpower and a developed country to a third-world country.

It has the highest debt among the countries, is not capable of conducting its elections properly, sees its presidential election surrounded by doubts about fraud and manipulation of the results and its dictatorship has surfaced, he said, adding the country suffers from other issues such as racial discrimination and disregard for civil liberties.

Moqtadaei also said that the US has not been able to preserve its status within the international system, saying all these factors show that the same fate that befell the Soviet Union is awaiting the country.



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