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Published: 0348 GMT November 21, 2020

Iran’s membership could raise SCO authority

Iran’s membership could raise SCO authority

Although the Islamic Republic of Iran is an observer member of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), the promotion of its status to membership, which is supported by SCO member states including China and Russia, could raise the organization's authority in the Middle East.

According to IRNA, since SCO’s establishment in 2001, Iran has continued its cooperation in a synergistic progression with this regional group, which today also has international responsibilities.

Many of the SCO member states believe that Iran's membership and increasing the number of members of the organization can increase the regional and global power of the organization.

In addition, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has always emphasized Iran's strategic relations with China and other members of this organization and Tehran's cooperation with all international organizations.

Rouhani has said that China has promised to protect JCPOA in any way possible, to develop strategic relations with Iran, and to cooperate with Iran in international organizations.


Iran’s important regional position

SCO members will hold the 20th summit of the organization, this time due to the outbreak of the COVID-19, virtually hosted by Moscow and chaired by President Vladimir Putin, in a situation in which requests for expansion of the organization have increased.

Iran enjoys an important position in the region and has very good conditions for cooperation with the New Silk Road initiative of China.

Therefore, it is expected that the members of the organization, including China and Russia, will take this issue more seriously, and it is necessary to further strengthen Iran's regional position.

For all SCO countries, full membership is an important issue, but more importantly, increasing the number of members leads to increase in the organization's power and authority.

This is in the interests of regional countries that do not want more Western influence, especially by the US.

SCO members will benefit from each other as the organization expands. For example, Iran, due to its rich oil and gas resources, will naturally be an important player in the SCO.

Further cooperation of the organization with Tehran will be beneficial for all parties. In addition, the two sides can expand their trade, economic and security cooperation.

Iran and China now have strategic partnerships, and according to the agreement, it has been promised that the relevant provisions will be implemented, and their cooperation in the economic and energy sectors is important, not only for Iran but also for China.


SCO supporting JCPOA

One of Iran's greatest achievements has been the support of JCPOA at the SCO summits, by Russia, China, India, Pakistan and Afghanistan, emphasizing its implementation.

At a previous meeting in the eastern Chinese port city of Qingdao, members of the organization explicitly supported the nuclear deal and opposed US sanctions, another achievement of the 2015 nuclear deal for Iran and other members of the international community.

Members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, especially China and Russia, have repeatedly supported the JCPOA at the UN Security Council on various occasions and many meetings of world leaders and senior officials at regional and international conferences.


SCO as superior regional power

The SCO will gradually become a regional power, especially in Central Asia and even the Middle East and Asia, and will be a strong force like NATO.

In fact, when it becomes like NATO, one of its tasks will be to prevent US influence in the region, and therefore one of Tehran's demands is that Iran to become an SCO member, which will be a force against the United States in the future.

The expansion of the organization can strengthen political, security, military, economic and even cultural cooperation between the two sides, and for this reason, Iran cooperates and consults with other countries of SCO.

If Iran becomes a member of the SCO, the power of the organization in the Middle East would increase and then more countries would apply for membership, and Iran is already prepared to cooperate closely with the countries of this organization in the fields of economy, investment and trade, as well as energy.

Iran has been an observer member of the organization for more than 15 years, and its membership needs to be seriously pursued by all relevant parties.

Chinese President Xi Jinping is said to have supported Iran's joining the organization, and the two countries now have strategic relations.


Impact of Iran's membership on SCO

Attending the SCO Summit was one of the best opportunities to gain the organization's support for Iran's position and at the same time will strengthen international diplomacy and therefore have a positive impact on the organization's influence.

Iran's membership in the organization is also important for the security of Central Asia and the Middle East, and at the same time the support of China and Russia in this regard is very important.

On the other hand, in the field of security and counter-terrorism, Iran has been one of the most effective and successful countries in these areas and ensuring security and combating the ominous phenomenon of terrorism.


Win-win cooperation

The membership of Iran and a number of other regional countries will have many mutual benefits.

The 20th summit of the organization, which was held on November 10, once again gave its members the opportunity to pursue ways to expand partnerships and collaborations that can be win-win for all parties amid the coronavirus challenge.

As in the past, Iran played an active role in this meeting and was seeking to increase the regional authority of the organization with a strategic view of cooperation with all its members.


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