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Published: 0721 GMT November 26, 2020

Iran swaps Israel’s spy for three nationals jailed abroad: State media

Iran swaps Israel’s spy for three nationals jailed abroad: State media

Iran has released an Australian-British citizen, who was serving a prison sentence for spying for Israel, to secure the release of three Iranians jailed abroad on false charges.

Kylie Moore-Gilbert was freed from Tehran’s Evin prison on Wednesday morning after serving about two years of her 10-year jail term, Press TV reported quoting Iran's news agencies.

She was swapped for an Iranian businessman and two other nationals incarcerated abroad on delusional accusations.

The three Iranians were detained for attempting to circumvent illegal sanctions against the Islamic Republic, the reports said.

Footage from the prisoner swap shown was aired on Iran’s state television on Wednesday.

IRNA news agency reported that Moore-Gilbert had passed a two-year special training course for her spying mission.

During the course, she became fluent in Persian and was prepared to perform espionage activities inside Iran.

She traveled to Iran under the guise of the academic and research activity on a sabbatical at the University of Religions and Denominations.

In her first trip to Iran, the spy did not take any action and left the country after a short time.

In the second visit, however, she entered Iran on the recommendation of the Zionist regime on the lunar calendar month of Muharram, during which Shia Muslims mourn the martyrdom anniversary of Imam Hussein (AS), the third Shia Imam.

Moore-Gilbert traveled to different cities as part of her mission and gathered information.

Unaware that she was being watched by Iranian intelligence forces, the woman went to religious and tourist places in order to make her sojourn in Iran look normal.

She later tried to get in touch with some figures and targets to obtain economic and military information about Iran as well as the anti-Israel resistance front, but she was arrested in September 2018.

Following legal and judicial proceedings, the spy was sentenced to 10 years’ imprisonment for acting against Iran’s national security through her intelligence cooperation with the Zionist regime.

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