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Published: 0324 GMT December 01, 2020

Rouhani: Enemy failed to cause Iranian economy to collapse

Rouhani: Enemy failed to cause Iranian economy to collapse

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said although the enemy’s sanctions were not without damage to the country’s economy and livelihoods of the people, the enemy did not achieve the main goal set for the sanctions and the economic war, which was the collapse of the Iranian economy.

Talking at the meeting of the Government’s Economic Coordination Headquarters on Tuesday, Rouhani said we can strongly acknowledge that the effects of sanctions have been neutralized, according to

One of the important goals of the enemy in this economic war was to disturb the peace of society and the security of the people, said the president.

He added, “Although the hardships during the spread of the coronavirus made the government’s path more difficult, nevertheless, it has been relatively able to neutralize this issue. In this respect, everyone should be careful about their behavior and verbal expressions so that the country’s economic environment and people’s sense of security would not be compromised.”

Rouhani emphasized that this success was achieved by the resistance of the Iranian people and the policies and measures adopted by the government.

He continued: “Those who failed to achieve the goal of stopping the Iranian economy during two and a half years of anti-Iran policies are angry today with the calm and recovery process in the Iranian economy.”

Rouhani stressed people are confident that the economic resistance has paid off and the sanctions will have to go their own way, for the forecasts for the future are positive and the economic trends show that.

At this meeting, issues relating to the finalization of the budget bill were discussed, while the president, referring to the main axes of the country’s budget for next year, said, “The budget bill for the next Iranian year will pave the ground for the country to move in the direction of infrastructure development.”

“Strengthening the country’s development process is the main basis for next year’s budget bill and, with the efforts made this year, we can draw a clearer and better horizon for the country’s economy and people’s livelihoods.”

The government has made the necessary plans with accurate calculations to counter economic sanctions, he concluded.



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