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Published: 1031 GMT December 02, 2020

Obese French man lifted out of house by crane after being trapped upstairs

Obese French man lifted out of house by crane after being trapped upstairs
Rescue operation for man suffering from obesity in Perpignan, France

A morbidly obese French man has been lifted out of his house by a crane after being stranded upstairs for over a year.

Alain Panabière, who weighs 661lbs (300kg), has been trapped on the first floor of his house in Perpignan, southwest France, after a fall in July 2019, reported. 

The 53-year-old could not be moved via the staircase because he could not pass through the door of his room due to his size.  

Since the fall over a year ago, Alain has been fed and washed by his brother Jean-Claude, and has been sitting on the floor for months after reportedly breaking his leg. But he was finally moved by rescuers. 

A large-scale operation involving more than 50 people, including police, firefighters and medical teams, was underway following several weeks of preparation. 

A window of Alain's house was removed next to the street so that the patient could be moved horizontally through the gap onto a gondola suspended from the 100-ton crane.

He was then lowered down to the ground in a specially-made bed before being transported to a local hospital by a special ambulance. 

Measures were taken to not only preserve Alain's health, but also to ensure the stability of the historic building. 

Before the operation was underway, metal posts were placed in the building and the other residents were evacuated. In the street, lampposts have been removed.

“We adapt to all kinds of situations. We have already intervened to lift people but never of this corpulence and under these conditions,” Didier Hugon, the managing director of the crane company told L'Independant.    

Firefighters were reportedly fearful that there was a risk of collapse of a floor or the entire building during the intervention as the room located above a garage will have to accommodate six to eight firefighters, a doctor, technicians and equipment, as well as Alain's. 

The major rescue operation was postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic. But there have been difficulties between the parties involved.

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