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Published: 1137 GMT December 23, 2020

Cat eats Malaysian student’s graduation certificate, photo prompts flood of reactions online

Cat eats Malaysian student’s graduation certificate, photo prompts flood of reactions online
The student shared images of his torn degree certificate and the cat responsible for damaging it.

It's true that pets provide joy and significant emotional support to people. But sometimes, their antics can cause a lot of distress and anxiety.

But when it comes to menace and destruction without reason, no other domestic excels better than a cat, reported.

Having said that, let us jump into the story of a young college graduate who suffered a shock because of his beloved feline.

Atif Adlan Bin Mohd Hanafia from Malaysia completed his BSc with Honors in Finance, Accounting and Management. However, his graduation excitement took a rather unfortunate turn when he discovered his cat has chewed and shredded his degree.

Atif graduated in July but received his certificate just recently. As it was lying unlocked, his cat Mika took freedom in chewing on it.

The student took to Twitter to share a photo of his chewed up certificate.

In a follow-up tweet, the student wrote there other useless papers in his room but his cat decided to chew on his certificate.

The first tweet has now garnered over 55,000 retweets, 287,000 likes, and thousands of hilarious reactions.

A user wrote, "And now you’ve got an awesome story to tell.  Frame it and give credit to the cat.   You’re welcome!"

Not so long ago, a dog chewed and shredded around £100 of her owner's savings.

Jocelyn Horne, from the Isle of Man, had been saving money in a pot that was kept on the side of her bed. Her pet Peggy recently decided to eat all the notes she found inside the pot.

When Jocelyn returned home from work, her husband Allan told her about the money. She thought he was playing a prank on her. However, she was in disbelief when she saw a ripped £20 note in her room. All her doubts were cleared when she found Peggy sick on the kitchen floor the next morning, throwing up the remains of the cash.

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