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Published: 0616 GMT December 25, 2020

Iran’s envoy blasts US, allies for seeking to destroy Yemen

Iran’s envoy blasts US, allies for seeking to destroy Yemen

Iran’s Ambassador to Sana'a Hassan Irlu criticized silence against crimes of the Saudi coalition in Yemen saying the US and its allies seek to destroy the Arab country.

“During 2100 days of aggression and siege, there is a catastrophic outcome by all standards, these are the goals of the Saudi war against the Yemeni people “destroying the human being .. and the stone .. and the trees ..” and this is America's project and its tools in the region,” Irlu tweeted on Thursday.

It should be noted that 569,283 houses, 177 universities and higher education institutions, 1393 mosques, 399 tourist centers, 389 hospitals and clinics, and 1099 schools and colleges were destroyed due to the attacks of the Saudi coalition, Mehr News Agency (MNA) reported.

According to a source in the Liaison and Coordination Officers Operations Room to monitor violations, the Saudi-led coalition violated the Stockholm Agreement over 6,000 times in November in Al Hudaydah.

The Saudi-led coalition violated the Stockholm ceasefire 6,569 times in November by 1,199 artillery shells and 4,960 various bullets, in addition to the development of 23 fortifications in Al Hudaydah, the report added.

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