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Published: 0754 GMT January 15, 2021

Iran's Army drones ready for distant operations: Senior commander

Iran's Army drones ready for distant operations: Senior commander

Iranian Army’s second-in-command said the force is completely prepared to respond to enemies of the Islamic Revolution with well-equipped units, including drone units that are capable of carrying out long distance operations.

“Today the Army is ready in all fields and has the capability to respond to the enemies of the Establishment and the Islamic Revolution,” Deputy Commander of the Iranian Army Brigadier General Mohammad Hossein Dadras said on Thursday, according to Mehr News Agency (MNA).

He added, “The equipment recently added to the Army has increased our maritime authority.”

The Army has put extra effort in the aerial sector and obtained significant achievements in this area, commander Dadras said, adding, “We have high readiness in drone, missile, naval, and air defense areas and we are constantly seeking to boost capability in different sections.”

Referring to a recent drone drills held in central Iran, the Brigadier General highlighted that the drone units are ready to conduct operations in distant areas.

He also referred to the recent missile drills of the Navy in the Sea of Oman and the Indian Ocean, hailing the achievements of the force in building new vessels such as the Makran helicopter carrier and Zereh (Armor) missile launcher.

The naval force of the Iranian Army held a two-day military exercise, codenamed ‘Eqtedar-e Daryayi (Naval Strength) 99 in a vast area spanning the southern Makran coastal strip on the Sea of Oman and north of the Indian Ocean.

The drills were inaugurated on Wednesday with a ceremony entitled to addition of Makran helicopter carrier that is the country’s biggest military vessel so far, and Zereh (Armor), a new missile destroyer, to the Navy’s southern fleet.

The Navy’s cruise missiles, were also seen firing from the seashore and seaborne vessels at mock targets in the area assigned to the drills, Press TV wrote.

Additionally during the drills, the domestically-made Fateh (Conqueror) submarine was used to fire torpedoes against mock enemy targets for the first time.

In the final stage of the naval exercise on Thursday, Iran’s Navy has spotted a foreign submarine near the military exercise zone in northern parts of the Indian Ocean.

The foreign vessel, identified by anti-submarine helicopters, immediately left the military drills zone after realizing that it was spotted by Iranian forces, said a statement by the public relations office of the Iranian Army.

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