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Published: 0509 GMT January 18, 2021

Iran envoy to UN: US must stop hostility, recognize Iran as regional power

Iran envoy to UN: US must stop hostility, recognize Iran as regional power

Iran’s ambassador to the United Nations stressed on Monday that the United States should stop its hostility towards Iran and recognize the Islamic Republic as a regional power in order to improve its image in the eyes of its own and the world people.

Majid Takht-Ravanchi also urged Americans to “understand that Iran is a definite reality and a powerful country in the region, which intends to live in peace with its neighbors within framework of the international law.”

He made the remarks in an exclusive interview with IRNA when asked about the possible impact of a change in the US foreign policy apparatus under the new administration of president-elect, Joe Biden.

“Individuals are not important to us, but what matters is policies. I mean, US policies toward Iran matter to us,” he said, adding, “US leaders must realize that their policies [against Iran] have backfired.”

"During past few decades, illegal, cruel and unjust sanctions have been imposed on the Iranian people, which have projected a very ugly but precise image of the American statesmen among the Iranian people," the top diplomat said.

He noted that existence of such an image of US officials in the international scene is not good even for American people, emphasizing that Americans should take note that the hostile measures they have taken over the past 40-odd years have built up such an image.

US officials must learn that hostile policies bear no fruit and they have to end their wrong approaches, which will only lead to their isolation, Takht-Ravanchi pointed out.

In recent months, Washington has been tightening its oppressive sanctions, defying warnings from the Islamic Republic and international human rights organizations that the restrictions are severely hampering the Iranian health sector's fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

Biden has pledged to rejoin the JCPOA, which was inked when he was Obama’s vice president, if Iran returns to compliance.

Tehran has expressed its readiness to reverse the suspension of its commitments only if the US returns to the agreement and lifts all sanctions without any preconditions or if the European signatories manage to protect business ties with Iran as part of their contractual obligations.

Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Rafael Grossi said earlier this month that the revival of the JCPOA must happen within the coming weeks.

"It is clear that we don’t have many months ahead of us. We have weeks," Grossi said in an interview for the Reuters Next conference, Press TV wrote.

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