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Published: 0323 GMT January 20, 2021

'Iran' newspaper celebrates 26th anniversary

'Iran' newspaper celebrates 26th anniversary

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The Iranian president’s Chief of Staff Mahmoud Vaezi said that 'Iran' newspaper, which was a seedling 26 years ago, is now a great tree, the roots of which lies in the Iran community.

Vaezi made the statement on the 26th anniversary of 'Iran' newspaper on Wednesday.

Islamic Republic News Agency Chief Mohammad-Reza Norouzpour also wrote in a comment in 'Iran' newspaper on Wednesday: “Survival of a newspaper in the hustle and bustle of cyberspace and the networked world due to the growth of new information and communication technologies is of great significance, and its popularity is equally important. 'Iran' newspaper not only survived but is also popular; and the combination of the two is an honor for the journalists and staff of Iran Cultural and Press Institute (ICPI).”

Perhaps the most difficult of all has been that the newspaper, despite being known as the government newspaper, has been able to maintain its independent voice and views, except in a few cases, to depict the achievements of the government while at the same time criticize the current situation, he added.

In an interview with 'Iran' newspaper, Deputy Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance Mohammad Khodadi said: “'Iran' newspaper should establish a two-way relationship between the government and the people because today one of the things that newspapers have forgotten is knowing the audience which could be a bridge between society and the government.

Speaking about the characteristics of the newspaper in the coming year, Khodaddi said that it needs to be responsive to the people’s questions posed to the government.



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