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Published: 0259 GMT February 22, 2021

Men need to do their share in education

Men need to do their share in education

Fathers’ involvement in their children’s education is consistently shown to result in better educational outcomes for young people, as well as leading to more positive attitudes, greater enjoyment, better behavior and – critically – a reduced risk of exclusion (Women doing more home schooling during lockdown than men).

This applies to primary and secondary education, and relates to the involvement of non-resident fathers as well as fathers in two-parent families, according to the Guardian.

Men clearly need to step up to the mark. But there is also a need for employers to recognize this crucial role and allow time off for fathers – as well as mothers – to play their part and to attend school meetings and consultations.

A cultural change is needed in the UK to acknowledge the all-important role that both parents play in nurturing the next generation, and to give them the necessary support in fulfilling it. As the pandemic has clearly shown, schools cannot educate children on their own.







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