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Published: 0345 GMT March 02, 2021

Rouhani: Iran on verge of glorious victory in economic war

Rouhani: Iran on verge of glorious victory in economic war
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani addresses a meeting of the Government’s Economic Coordination Headquarters in Tehran on March 2, 2021.

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President Hassan Rouhani said Iran is on the threshold of achieving a glorious victory in the economic war imposed by the enemy.

In an address to a meeting of the Government’s Economic Coordination Headquarters in Tehran on Tuesday, Rouhani said as his administration managed to stand against the enemy’s sinister intentions, today, it is making efforts to earn the trust of Iranian businessmen and traders in the era of reconstructing the country’s economy, IRNA reported.

In May 2018, former US president Donald Trump pulled his country out of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), signed between Iran and the P5+1 in July 2015, and reimposed Washington’s unilateral sanctions on Tehran in a bid to cripple the Iranian economy and bring the Islamic Republic to the negotiating table to hammer out a new nuclear deal.

Being part of Washington’s “maximum pressure” campaign against Tehran and mainly targeting Iran’s oil and banking sectors, the sanctions failed to produce the desired result thanks to the Iranian people’s maximum resistance and measures taken by the government.

Rouhani added that the overall conditions of the country have prepared the ground for increasing foreign currency revenues and reducing forex and goods prices in the domestic market.

He said controlling and managing the domestic capital market and restoring balance to foreign currency prices in the market needs creating and maintaining a favorable and reliable atmosphere for economic activities in the country.

Rouhani stressed that any word or action, even if impertinent to economic issues, that causes turmoil and instability in the domestic economy will harm the country’s financial system and people’s livelihoods.

The president urged generating sustainable employment for and improving the livelihoods of the people living in the country’s border areas.

He noted that part of the government’s income from imports through official borders must be allocated to those living in these regions.

Speaking at a ceremony on Monday, Rouhani said the world and the US will finally have to lift the unjust sanctions that have been imposed on the Iranian nation and submit to its will, according to Press TV.

“I am certain that the world and the United States will have to kneel before this great nation’s will and lift unjust sanctions,” he noted.

Referring to the failure of the US policy of exerting “maximum pressure” on Iran under the Trump administration, the president said, “That butcher and murderer has fallen now and the new American administration has so far admitted on four occasions that the maximum pressure [policy] of the previous administration was wrong.”

“This is our greatest achievement in history,” Rouhani said, adding, “Thanks to the steadfastness of our nation, those who imposed these sanctions on us now confess that sanctions and pressure have been to no avail.”




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