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Published: 1136 GMT April 03, 2021

Mum gives birth in back of car, after getting stuck in school run traffic in England

Mum gives birth in back of car, after getting stuck in school run traffic in England

A woman pregnant with her first child gave birth to her baby girl in the back seat of her car after getting stuck in school run traffic on the way to hospital.

Little Claudia Elsie Millward entered the world in dramatic style — with her dad Christopher Millward making an emergency stop on Thornley Lane in Hale in Greater Manchester, England, when it became apparent wife Vicki wasn’t going to make it in time to get to Wythenshawe Hospital through the morning traffic, reported.

The couple, who live in Sale, Trafford, had practiced the route from their home to hospital in the run up to the birth, which would usually only take around five minutes.

But leaving their home at 8.10 a.m. during rush hour and peak school drop off time was an entirely different story.

Christopher, 33, was able to park his Mercedes GLC up on the road side just in time to jump out of the car, move the baby’s car seat which was in place ready for their return journey, and get Vicki, 34, a little bit more space on the back seats ready for the delivery. Within minutes, their beautiful baby daughter had arrived.

Vicki said: “I was in a bit of a dream at that stage. We weren’t there for that long, she started crying straight away and I was able to put her on my chest and we kept her warm with a coat.

After the birth they contacted Wythenshawe to let them know that baby had arrived en route, and the midwives were waiting for them with warm towels when they finally got to the hospital.

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