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Published: 0949 GMT April 05, 2021

Orphaned kitten found in US has a perfectly two-tone face

Orphaned kitten found in US has a perfectly two-tone face

An orphaned kitten who was found in a wall has a two-tone face which is perfectly split in half.

The adorable puss, called Apricot, and her sister Pretzel were discovered by a family who had recently moved into their new house and were doing some building work, according to

They were taken to Nashville Cat Rescue in Tennessee, US, where they were slowly introduced to two rescue mother cats, Bored Panda reported. 

Apricot may be a genetic chimera cat, which means her cells contain two types of DNA, caused when two embryos fuse together, according to National Geographic.

The siblings were taken in by volunteer foster carer Kiki, who had recently taken charge of two pregnant rescue cats called Pickle and Olive.

Pickle gave birth to six kittens within a few weeks of being with Kiki, while Olive delivered a kitten a week later.

She had another baby 24 hours later and Kiki took her to the vets due to the long time between deliveries and the small litter size. Olive had an emergency Caesarean section as there was a deceased kitten still inside of her.

Kiki brought Apricot and Pretzel into the shared litter, introducing them to the mothers slowly, and because both kittens were so young, they were quickly accepted by Pickle and Olive and embraced into the two litters. 

Both mothers are very close and even swap and care for each other's kittens like they were their own offspring.   

Speaking about mothers Pickle and Olive, Nashville Cat Rescue told the publication: “They were still a little shy and often greeted me with a hiss or growling. It was clear, however, that the girls loved each other and felt safe together.

“I spent as much time as I could with them, while still respecting their need for space. I even sat on the floor and worked on my laptop most days.

“I wanted to ensure as the babies came that they were comfortable with me assisting as needed, or just doing the simple necessities like weighing the kittens on a daily basis.'

The two cats were close, and the family that was working to assist the colony asked that the two mother rescues stay together, even when it's time for them to be adopted in a few weeks.


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