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Published: 0830 GMT April 07, 2021

Organized Australian mum's “exhaustive” cleaning schedule takes Internet by storm

Organized Australian mum's “exhaustive” cleaning schedule takes Internet by storm

An Australian mum's incredible cleaning schedule has taken the Internet by storm after she declared Mondays are for deep cleaning bathrooms and Fridays can't pass without disinfecting the outside bins or sweeping the deck.

The busy mum made the schedule after feeling overwhelmed by her list of chores after 'letting things slip' recently, reported.

She said she has two children aged two and eight who aren't keen on cleaning and a husband who doesn't see it as a top priority.

“Can anyone suggest anything I may have forgotten to add here, or anything I should change?” she asked sharing the list.

The list is divided by daily jobs, weekly jobs and monthly jobs to help the mum stay organized. And people were impressed.

“Great work, I am a visual person so having it all on display is awesome,” one mum said.

“This was me a few weeks back. I find that even if I only do a small job each day it adds up at the end of the week,” another said.  

The mum's daily chores include doing the dishes, wiping the benches and doing the laundry — including folding clothes while waiting for the washing machine to finish.

Her monthly goals are to clean the garage, deep clean the dishwasher, washing machine and dryer and to clean the ceiling fans. 

She also revealed she has anxiety and Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) which can make simple chores take all day.

“Just looking for some suggestions on where, and how to start when the cleaning jobs are bigger than they should be,” she said.

And people were keen to help.

“I am super anxious also and have many internal barriers that I am tackling. I have been taking small steps towards my tidying and cleaning goals,” one mum offered.

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