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Published: 0746 GMT April 20, 2021

Kiwi mum shocked after toddler discovers machete on beach

Kiwi mum shocked after toddler discovers machete on beach

A mum in Auckland, New Zealand, is shocked after her toddler found a machete on Orewa beach.

Teesha Byford-Danen told Newshub her son was enjoying a day at the beach when he discovered a machete among the rocks, reported.

Byford-Danen's mother immediately took the machete from the toddler and walked him back towards his mum.

"My mum was right there with him, his nana, and they walked back to me with her carrying this machete. She said he just leaped down and picked it up, and she was like "what!"

She says the weapon was "almost the same size" as her two-year-old.

She immediately put the machete in the back of her car and drove straight to the police station to hand it in.

She posted a picture of her mother holding the knife to a local Facebook page where a slew of responses suggested it was left there for cutting kina, a sea urchin endemic to New Zealand — but she's not convinced.

"There's no kina there — that's what's odd about it...the rocks are quite a way up the beach too, so I don't think it traveled by water and ended up there because it's not rusty either."

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