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Published: 1229 GMT April 21, 2021

Filband, a missing village in clouds

Filband, a missing village in clouds

Filband, a village in the western part of Babol, in Mazandaran Province, is one of the most beautiful places in the northern parts of Iran.

The village, located at an altitude of about 2,300 meters above sea level is known as the roof of Mazandaran.

The village is like as a watchtower and there is a vast area under your eyes, wrote.

The winter begins very soon and ends late. So, the best time for visiting the site is since late April to September and October, before the weather gets cold again.

The main reason why people love to visit the dreamy village is the clouds. The combination of high mountains and dense forests which pass through a large amount of white clouds has turned the village into a beautiful tourist destination.

The skies of Filband open up hidden and new aspects of nature to the tourists in the tranquility of the clouds and the silence of nature.

The mountains in Filband which are in such a high altitude usually trap the passing clouds, wrote.

Its sunrise and sunset are another unique Iran tourism attraction of the village where visitors observe the sky changing colors in a way that it can hardly be seen in other parts.

The tranquility and calmness of the village, along with a delightful climate and fresh mountain air, will turn the trip to an unforgettable experience.

Moreover, although the village is very tiny, it offers innumerable scenic views, each reminding wonderfully beautiful postal cards.

The incredible nature of the village makes you want to walk through it forever. The bells of the sheep, thick fog, or smell of rain, can make you feel fresh and alive. One of the paths you can take to explore is the path to the Stone Mountains, but it is recommended that these activities should only be accompanied by local guides and equipment.

Also, there are many springs in the village. Lar is a small spring in the area that has a lot of mineral salts and is used to treat kidney pain, wrote.

Filband in the local dialect means difficulty and fatigue. Because of the high altitude and hard access of the village in the past, people called it by that name.


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