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Published: 1240 GMT April 21, 2021

‘From Isfahan to Istanbul’: Arts of the Islamic World

‘From Isfahan to Istanbul’: Arts of the Islamic World

An online course on arts of the Islamic World, ‘From Isfahan to Istanbul’, is underway, according to the announcement by a UK-based academy.

The course organized by V&A Academy follows the emergence of Islam in the Arabian Peninsula to its swift expansion eastward towards Iran and to the Mediterranean in the West.

The event opened on April 19 and will run to July 12, wrote.

What is Islamic Art? This course seeks answers to that question, from the past to the present, through the visual arts of calligraphy, illustrated books and manuscripts and across of diverse range of media including ceramics, metalwork, glass and textiles.

The arts of the region rapidly evolved displaying distinctive new styles and forms; ceramics, metalwork, glass and textiles developed a new visual language embodying a diverse range of regional characteristics.

Illustrated manuscripts and books reached unprecedented levels of technical skill and refinement and architecture of the palace and mosque provided the backdrop to court life and religious practice.

Archaeologists, curators, conservators, collectors and artists discuss their relationship to art, architecture and artefacts across the region.


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