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Published: 0431 GMT April 21, 2021

Official: Sa’di’s message is peace and love for humanity

Official: Sa’di’s message is peace and love for humanity

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Renowned Persian poet Sa’di is a poet belonging to all humanity and today it is our duty to preserve and convey his message of peace and love for humanity to the world, the director of Iran’s Book and ‎Literature House said.

Ayyoub Dehqankar made the statement in a message on the National Day of Sa’di, which was on April 21.

According to IRNA, Dehqankar added that during the hard and bitter days of the Mongol invasion of Iran, one of the great poets of Iran spoke of love and justice. Sa’di is considered one of the pillars of Persian poetry and Iranian culture. During those days, Sa’di encouraged the rulers of his time to be fair to the people and to love them.

Speaking about Sa’di’s popularity inside and outside Iran, he said, Sa’di’s ‘Bustan’ (The Orchard) and ‘Golestan’ (The Rose Garden) are well known among the academic community and have been translated into European languages, as well as Arabic and Turkish.

His use of various literary terms as well as his avoidance of difficult words became very popular among the people of his time and later generations, Dehqankar noted.

“Experts say that Hafez and Sa’di are such great poets that if Persian literary works were destroyed one day and only the works of the two remained, we would be able to reestablish the Persian language, only with these two poets, the head of the Academy of Persian Language and Literature Gholam-Ali Haddad-Adel said.

He made the statement in a virtual program held to commemorate Sa’di on April 21.

Haddad-Adel added, “With his figurative language and sublime art, Sa’di expressed the concepts of morality in ‘Bustan,’ the realities of life in ‘Golestan,’ and his wishes, fantasies, loves and affections in his ghazals (a lyric poem with a fixed number of verses and a repeated rhyme, typically on the theme of love, and normally set to music).”

Iranian Ambassador to Tajikistan Mohammad-Taqi Saberi on Tuesday said that paying tribute to the renowned Persian poet Sa’di is not just a commemoration of poetry and prose, but a commemoration of morality, wisdom and knowledge.

The prominent Persian poet Sa’di was born in Shiraz and is one of the Persian masters of the ghazal.

Kulliyat-e Sa’di’ is the most important book by the Persian poet which is his collected works.

Sa’di’s real name was Abu-Muhammad Muslih ed-Din bin Abdallah Shirazi.



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