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Published: 0205 GMT May 02, 2021

UK PM under pressure as voters back second Scottish independence referendum

UK PM under pressure as voters back second Scottish independence referendum

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is facing intense pressure to allow a second Scottish independence referendum if the Scottish National Party (SNP) wins a majority at Holyrood – an area in Edinburgh – on Thursday, after a new poll showed British voters think he would be wrong to deny a fresh ballot.

The UK government argues that now is not the time for another vote and that politicians should focus on rebuilding the economy in the wake of the COVID pandemic, according to The Independent.

But Nicola Sturgeons SNP has said outright victory in this weeks Holyrood elections would be a mandate for a second referendum.

And a new BMG poll for The Independent suggests Britons agree.

The survey found that 41 percent of those asked said Johnson should allow another vote within four years if pro-independence parties win a majority in the Scottish Parliament this week, compared to just 33 percent who opposed and 26 percent who said they did not know.

Just 19 percent said Scottish independence would be positive for the UK, while 41 percent believe it would be negative.

The only part of the UK where voters were more likely to back Johnsons position than oppose it was in Scotland.

There 41 percent thought the prime minister should grant another referendum while 44 percent thought he should not.

In response, Sturgeon said, "What this poll shows is that Boris Johnson and the Tories cant deny democracy forever.

When the Scottish Parliament decides it is the right time for the people of Scotland to choose their future, it would be foolish for a Westminster Tory government to stand the way of the democratic will of the people of Scotland.”

But a UK government spokesperson said the SNPs push for a divisive referendum” was irresponsible”.

The poll also shows that across Britain as a whole, only the over-65s believe Johnsons government has taken the right approach.

Scotland held an independence referendum seven years ago in 2014, and voted to remain in the UK.






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