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Published: 0509 GMT May 05, 2021

Iranian ‘Pardis Khaneh’, ‘Kabootar Khaneh’ win in Italy

Iranian ‘Pardis Khaneh’, ‘Kabootar Khaneh’ win in Italy

Two architectural works, ‘Pardis Khaneh’ and ‘Kabootar Khaneh,’ designed by Keivani Architects, won two bronze medals at the A’ Design Award and Competition in Italy.

The submitted projects are judged in several stages, with the participation of more than 220 experts from all over the world, Mehr News Agency reported.

As the project name suggests, the basic concept behind the ‘Kabootar Khaneh’ was to create a space for co-existence between humans and birds. After visiting the project site before the design, the architecture team noticed the widespread presence of birds there. Thus, to respect their rights, they decided to design a house where people could live next to them to create an interaction between them that causes a different sense of space to improve its quality.

In this respect, inspired by Iranian historical dovecotes, a part of the interior space was dedicated for this purpose that acts as a patio due to the use of glass material and the transparency around it. As a result, the design of the work was practically expanded from the inside out. The interiors were shaped by the creation of the section game and the surface difference in the spaces as well as the specific design of the stairs and voids inside it, according to  

The project of ‘Pardis Khaneh’ was inspired by the architecture of the Iranian garden, particularly Takht Garden, in Iran’s southern city of Shiraz. Its architectural pattern is vertical, originating from the architecture of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. In this respect, except for historical aspects of the study of Iranian gardens (Pardis), illustrations in Iranian miniature have also been considered by the design team.

Keivani and his brother Sina co-founded the architectural studio of Keivani Architects in 2009, which has won several awards at several international architecture contest.

In 2016, their ‘Orsi Khaneh,’ located on Olyai Street off Nasr Street in Tehran,’ won the bronze medal of the A’ Design Award and Competition. It was announced as the Residential Project of the Year at the 10th Middle East Architect Awards 2017 in Dubai.

Their joint design ‘House of the Sun’ in the Interior Space and Exhibition Design category of the A’ Design Award and Competition in Italy won a silver award for in 2017.




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